I am not away

Leggi in italiano qui

Three years ago I began my nomading adventure, thinking that I would be away for ONE YEAR… What the heck happened?!

Well… I don’t have a neat and simple answer to that. Mostly I have been enjoying this so much that I have seen no reason to stop.

This last year has seen some ups and downs, but the overall feeling has been of one of fatigue setting in, compounded by a heavy workload and an attempt to travel too fast for my liking.

So here are my new resolutions as I enter this third year of permanent motion:

– Travel MORE slowly (I know some will laugh at that) and try to spend at least 1 month in any given place.

– Try to sleep 8-9 hours every night (again, some will laugh but heck, it’s what I need!), without fail.

– Continue to drink very little alcohol, continue to exercise.

This year I started training in Muay Thai which has been a revelation. I am back in Asia and back to training, though I am currently taking one month off and visiting Hoi An in Vietnam.

I also went back to writing. The first half of the year was great, I was making much progress, but then the return to Europe froze me. I am slowly getting back into it! It’s gotta be done 🙂

Other than that, it is still “same same” as Thai people would say. Nothing majorly new. Apart from having a new, gorgeous niece!

Overall I am well, happy and balanced. I continue to meet amazing people and to forge friendships that continue to surprise me, day in day out. That is the greatest gift of this lifestyle.

And I continue to add stops to my tour, so there’s no end in sight. Please don’t ask me “When are you coming back?”, I am not away, I am here, in this moment and in this place, enjoying it the way I know how.




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